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As we work towards becoming an ITS provider, we are learning to adapt existing methods, change how we work and improve whenever we can. We've already evolved tremendously and no longer separate hardware, print services and new IT services. Our customers now see us as a complete portfolio provider. And we're getting faster and more agile in terms of product launches, improvement, and development.
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Not only are we working with Scrum, but methods and tools such as "SAFe" (scaled agile framework), "lessons learned" and "retrospectives" form a large part of our daily work. Wide-scale reviews are continually ongoing: What was the plan? What have we done? What have we learned? What can we improve in the next run? We believe this is the route to greater success and creativity - thinking of innovative approaches, trying them out and learning from any failures along the way.


Paul, Senior Thinker at Konica Minolta's BIC

Paul’s job as New Incubations Manager at Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre is trying to understand what technology trends are driving change in organisations and people’s lives. He cherishes that there are “(…) almost no constraints on what we can explore” at Konica Minolta. Watch to find out more.

Our people are our brand

At Konica Minolta, people are eager to share their knowledge - knowledge that is not always related to their usual field. At the Agile Thursdays for example, we learn about, test and experience agile methodologies no matter what our particular area of expertise is. Everyone at Konica Minolta genuinely has the chance to try new things.


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