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Today’s healthcare market is heavily influenced by trends such as demanding patients expecting highly individual care, healthcare insurers exerting more and more influence on how care is to be provided, and healthcare organizations faced by budget constraints and increased pressure to keep costs in check.

Our advanced solutions cut through the complexities of your medical imaging processes by automating and optimizing processes to simplify diagnostic flows and make medical information accessible and compliant.

On top of that, we provide the hospital and clinic market with highly-acclaimed, high-performance digital diagnostic X-ray imaging systems.

Heatlhcare - Regius Sigma 2 Heatlhcare - AeroDR TX Healthcare - Sonimag MX1 Platinum
CR & Printers Digital Radiography Ultrasound


6 Values of Konica Minolta

Our 6 Values are the essence of our innermost beliefs, our inherited DNA, and define how we go about our business and act towards all our partners.

They articulate what we stand for and direct our decision making.

Open and honest: We are convinced that only by acting with integrity and communicating with all our partners in an open and honest way can we create long-lasting partnerships of mutual trust and true significance.

Customer-centric: We exist solely for our customers; always thinking on their behalf, undertaking challenges together with them, and working tirelessly to bring them success and provide excitement that exceeds expectations both now and in the future.

Innovative: Innovation is what drives us. We constantly strive to develop ground-breaking ideas that will form the basis of everything we do going forward, every step of the way.

Passionate: Being passionate, strong-willed and determined is essential to making a meaningful contribution to our customers’ businesses and society as a whole.

Inclusive and collaborative: We believe that the power of inclusiveness and collaboration with customers, partners and each other is the best way to come up with game-changing ideas that provide ultimate benefits.

Accountable: Not only must we be individually and collectively responsible and accountable for what we do, all our actions should contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and Konica Minolta.

Regius CR Sigma 2

    Konica Minolta's smallest and lightest computed radiography

    Environmentally Friendly

    High Resolution

    Integral Processing

DryPro 873 CE2

DryPro Sigma

DryPro Sigma 2


AeroDR3 HD2 (G5)



Dynamic Digital Radiography

AeroDR X90

AeroDR X10

AeroDR3 HD

AeroDR Portable

Sonimage HS2

Sonimage MX1

Sonimage MX1 Platinum

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