AeroDR X30

Digital Mobile X-ray System

  • Easy positioning
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Agile- fast- precise 
  • Fully motorized
  • Retractable column
  • Detectors charge in the bin




Hospitals and clinics are increasingly looking into ways to provide the best healthcare to all patients. Mobility is one such way to improve patient care because sometimes, care needs to come to the patient! Bedside exams may...



AeroDR X30 Functionalities

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  • Additional Controls

  • Bump Sensors

  • Capacitor technology

  • Integrated CS-7 console

  • Easy drive handle

  • Keep track of your track

  • Fully motorized

  • Panel Roaming

  • Always ready to perform

  • Wireless connectivity

hc_divider_image_AeroDR X30

AeroDR X30 Mobile DR

Mobile DR system AeroDR X30 features a retractable column and robust, high resolution (100 micron) portable flat panel detectors.



AeroDR X30 Key Features

Not all X-ray exams can be performed in the X-ray room itself. Sometimes, care needs to come to the patient. The AeroDR X30 Mobile X-ray System enables you to perform digital diagnoses wherever the patient is in the hospital or medical facility. Bedside exams may be needed in case patients can’t be moved or diagnosed in regular X-ray rooms. In those cases Mobile Digital X-ray is the right technology to use. AeroDR X30 is specifically designed to carry out bedside exams as easy and straightforward as possible.

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    Compact system with a smart and space saving design

  • Smart tablet icon

    Wide range of flat panel detectors

  • Icon Chest X-ray

    Suitable for imaging in incubators

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    Easy positioning

  • Manage all your campaigns in one portal


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Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Mobile Unit      
Weight Standard unit: 560 kg Telescopic column: 580 kg  
Size (LxWxH) Standard Unit: 1.360 x 670 x 1.980 mm Short Column: Height: 1.840 mm Telescopic Column Unit: Height: 1.340 mm
Console Screen 17” Touch Screen    
Max. speed / slope 5 km/h / 5° (8.8%)    
Anti-collision system Front bumpers    
Batteries 2 independent batteries for driving and imaging Driving: Lead Acid batteries Imaging: Lead Crystal batteries
Battery performance 137.500 mAs @ 80 kVp    
Collimator Manual collimator    
Output Power [kW] 20 32 40 50
kVp range 40 -125 40 – 150    
mA range 10 -320 10 – 500    
Exposure time range 1 msec to 10 sec      
mAs range 0,1 to 500 mAs      
Available tubes Toshiba E7884X Toshiba E7886X -/-  
Exposure time range 1 msec to 10 sec      
mAs range 0,1 to 500 mAs      
Available tubes Toshiba E7884X Toshiba E7886X -/-  
Type E7884X E7886X
Nominal voltage 150kV 150kV
Focal Spot 0,6/1,2mm 0,7/1,3mm
Anode heat content 210 kJ
210 kJ
Anode Angle 12° 16°
Intelligent Grid (Software Grid)
Infrared Remote Control for exposure and collimator light
Dose Area Product (DAP) meter
Manual Collimator with double laser and manual fi lters
Telescopic column (height: 1,34 m)
Short column (height 1,84 m)

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