DLS Color Control v2 from JUST Normlicht with multispectral LED light source for colour proofing and colour control

LED Color Proof Light v2 XL Hybrid Luminaire

Light Cabinets for visual colour assessment using LED Hybrid technology. Providing illumination in commonly used configurations via both LED array and fluorescent tubes in combination.

  • Colour assessment cabinet for Quality Control
  • Ideal conditions for colour decisions under standardized and special lighting conditions: lluminant D50, D65, A and UV
  • LED array lifetime of at least 10 times longer than fluorescent lamp systems
  • 3 additional fluorescent light tubes (standard is TL84, can be customized upon request) to accurately visualize metameric effects with fluorescent lighting (Hybrid version)
DLS Color Control v2 from JUST Normlicht with multispectral LED light source for colour proofing and colour control

Visual assessment of colour in accordance with international norms

In order to reliably assess samples when establishing tollerances, to collaborate or discuss the colour and appearance of products, and to accurately specify and approve colour, it is essential to control for as much of the visual assessment process as possible. A well maintained colour viewing light is an essential requirement, providing a neutral space with a number of commonly used illuminants produced specifically for the task. 

Viewing cabinets simplify not only the control of the lighting, but facilitate the exclusion of ambient light, positionning and angling of samples and following other best practice visual assessment guidelines.

According to industry norms for visual colour evaluation, the colour samples should look identical when viewed under the light type D65 and at least one other illuminant is used to check for, metamerism.

The cabinets are suitable for all industries and applications where there is a need to maintain colour consistency and product quality such as Textiles, Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Dyeing, Food, Footwear, Inks, Packaging and Printing.

In order to view your samples objectively without the influence of surround or background colours, the interiors of the cabinets are finished in a neutral matt grey.



The use of a colour assessment cabinet in quality control is strongly recommend to assure a visual match when compared to data and assessments of a colour measuring instrument.

A colour assessment cabinet assures that visual colour assessments can be performed in a controlled and consistent manner, not effected by constantly changing natural or artificial lighting.

The proper use of JUST Normlicht colour assessment cabinets helps to identify and correct product quality and supply chain problems caused by colour inaccuracy. Facilitating viewing and discussing colour and appearance under controlled lighting conditions.

Several versions are available to suit your specific needs and can be upgraded using the LED Color Control Professional software.

The LED array and LED Color Control Professional software allows the operator to program the light cabinet with custom light colours measured anywhere with a light measuring device. Replicating the chromaticity of shop lighting, environment lighting or effect lighting where the products that are being assessed will be viewed by the end user.

Performing visual assessment for colour decisions under both standardized and special lighting conditions. Not only can metameric effects be recognized in time but all possible colour inconstancy effects for all kind of lighting conditions can be simulated.

JUST Normlicht has developed for the first time a LED light source that fulfils the high requirements for colour assessment of all industries were colour is crucial. To control the LED properties to the requirements JUST Normlicht has developed a patented multilevel calibration procedure that calibrates each single LED light source and stores the spectral properties in the unit’s electronic controls. 

  • lluminant D50, D65, A and UV in »Basic« version, with dimmer and with luminance control
  • Hybrid design offers additional fluorescent light tubes (supplied with TL84 as standard, other fluorescent types available on request) to accurately simulate fluorescent lighting.
  • Simulation of any standard illuminant: D50, D65, D75, A etc.
    (requires LED Control Professional software)
  • Perfect simulation of almost any LED spectrum for visual color control(requires LED Control Professional software)
  • Controlled UV content for recognition of fluorescence (OBA´s)(requires LED Control Professional software)
  • Independent selection of colour temperature or chromaticity coordinates(requires LED Control Professional software)
  • Unique LED calibration method (patent pending)

JUST Normlicht LED Technology

JUST Normlicht offers customers the technology of tomorrow by using LED lighting for colour evaluation. Providing enhanced control of the illumination and previously unatainable customisation of light sources.

To control the LED properties to the multiple requirements of JUST Normlicht, a patented multilevel calibration procedure was developed that calibrates each single LED light source and stores the spectral properties in the unit’s electronic controls. 

The multilevel calibration is divided into the basic factory calibration and permanent online-calibration during operation without requiring an additional external metrological device.

The JUST LED technology not only exceeds the conventional standardized lighting technology in light quality, but is now for the first time able to replicate a tremendous colour space with the highest quality. The LED array can achieve a CRI between 90 and 100 and a Metamerism Index < 1.

The multispectral LED lightsource can achieve a colour gamut larger than sRGB and is now able to replicate not only standardized light sources like D50 or D65 for the graphic arts industry but also other light sources like A, C, D55, D75 and any other white or coloured light.

To avoid metameric failure caused by optical brightening agents, the UV-content in the light source is also included.

A second advantage of the JUST LED technology is a lifetime of at least 10 times longer than that of traditional fluorescent lamps. This means not only a stable quality of light over a very long time period but also significant savings on replacement lamps over the life of a JUST LED Viewing Booth.

By not using mercury and only a very little amount of phosphors, which are both major components of traditional fluorescent lamps, the LED Technology used by JUST Normlicht reduces the amount of hazardous waste being disposed of in landfills across the globe.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Model: LED Color Proof Light v2 XL Hybrid Luminaire
Standard Light Sources D50, D65, A, simulated TL84, UV
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D) 1080 x 120 x 800 mm
Viewing Cavity (W x H x D) 1000 x 700 mm
depending on fixture and height
Weight 72.0 kg
Optional accessories
Sample tables for visual colour control Weight
Table 45° (fixed version) 3.0 kg
Table 0-90° 6.0 kg
Software Info
LED Control Professional To upgrade and enable simulation of any standard illuminant or light source; needed for programming up to 10 illuminants into the LED cabinets

Color Viewing Light Cabinet Catalogue



  • B027196: LED Control Professional Software
  • B027199: Table 45° (fixed version)
  • B027216: Table 0-60° (variable version)

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