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How to make more sales with social commerce

Social commerce is a lucrative playing field for digital printers. How to engage on Facebook, Instagram or Tictoc for more sales.

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Social commerce is still an insider tip for many printers. Yet it is so easy to expand your customer base on social networks and increase your own brand awareness. If you place ads, you can often see that customer interest flows seamlessly into an order process. But do you also create a pleasant shopping experience? We show starting points on how social commerce promotes business growth in the digital age.

Social commerce - selling via social media - is now well established and can even become a mainstay of your business model. As a print shop, you should therefore definitely look into social commerce. This gives you the chance to expand your customer base and increase sales. Social media platforms allow you to reach a wider audience and engage with potential customers in a more interactive and personal way. Showcase your products in visually appealing posts, share customer testimonials and offer purchase options with a click. In addition, social commerce can help printers build brand awareness and loyalty and gain insights into their customers' preferences and behaviour through analytics and social listening tools. 

Social commerce in practice: do you already have a "Shop Now" button?

Social commerce generally works by integrating e-commerce functions into social media platforms. This starts with a printer showcasing its products or services on its social media accounts and ideally sharing photos or videos of its products on a regular basis. To complement this, it is also worthwhile to place ads. Social media algorithms also provide personalised product suggestions based on user behaviour and the interests of potential customers. Advertising is one thing, selling is another. Those who want to sell directly via social media without a media break should consider integrating a "Shop Now" button, product tags in images or perhaps even setting up a full online shop within the platform. Customers can discover products, browse catalogues, read reviews and make purchases without leaving the social media environment. This convenience and simplicity contribute to a smooth buying experience, lowering barriers to purchase and potentially increasing conversion rates. 

More reach, new customers 

Social media platforms have millions, if not billions, of active users and offer printers a huge potential customer base. By integrating social commerce into their business strategies, printers can use these platforms to reach a wider audience and attract new customers. By maintaining an active presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, it is easy to raise awareness of your print shop and increase awareness of the services you offer. Share quality content regularly and interact with your target audience to build an engaged community and position your brand positively. To do this, quietly use the social aspects of these platforms and encourage word-of-mouth. 

Improved customer engagement 

Social commerce also allows printers to engage directly with their customers, providing personalised product recommendations, answering questions and offering customer support. Direct and fast support in particular is becoming increasingly popular. By actively participating in conversations on social media and fostering a sense of community, printers can build closer relationships with their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. 


Generating leads and customer acquisition 

Through targeted advertising campaigns on social media, printers can reach new customers and generate leads. With advanced targeting capabilities, there is the opportunity to tailor ads to your exact audience and target potential customers interested in their printing services. 

Industry trends and competitive analysis 

Social media allows printers to keep up to date with the latest trends in the printing industry. They can follow other printers and competitors to see what marketing strategies are successful and what new technologies or services are in demand. Get inspired and adapt your products to gain a competitive edge. 

Data-driven insights 

Social commerce platforms provide access to valuable data and analytics that printers can use to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences and trends. By using these insights, printers can refine their marketing strategies, adjust their product offerings and optimise their overall business approach to better meet customer needs. 

Conclusion: Just do it 

We can only really recommend it: you should invest in social media to increase your brand awareness, build new and strengthen long-standing customer relationships, keep an eye on the competition and present your services to a wider audience. Social media offers an effective and cost-efficient way to improve your printer's visibility and success in the digital world.