Konica Minolta on the war between Russia and Ukraine

Langenhagen, Germany, 29 March 2023

Dear Valued Customer / Partner,

As the shocking and abhorrent war in Ukraine continues, we would like to repeat again that we as Konica Minolta Europe condemn any act of violence and warfare.

We are adhering to the sanctions imposed by the international community including the EU, USA and Japan and have suspended financial transactions (since March 1st, 2022). We regret that this might have an impact on your business, and understand that many companies and our partners have faced similar decisions.

Regarding our help for our colleagues in Ukraine Konica Minolta Europe has taken the following actions:

  1. Whereas in the beginning of the war, over 100 Ukrainian employees and their family members fled Ukraine and were welcomed by the Konica Minolta family elsewhere, the situation has changed now: Currently, 87% of our Ukrainian employees live and work in Ukraine, 13% - equaling 15 employees and their family members - live abroad. There is an office and accommodation available in Lublin where all Ukrainian employees and their family members could retreat to in case the situation worsens.

  2. Since the war started, Konica Minolta Europe has paid over 930,000 € in salaries and accommodation costs for our Ukrainian colleagues (and their families when it comes to accommodation) and will keep doing so. This helps our colleagues to keep running the business of Konica Minolta Ukraine which they are very dedicated to do despite the wrongs and major obstacles they are facing.

  3. European employees have privately organized help deliveries for specific needs such as specific drugs/medicines needed, baby food, hygienic products, kids clothing and others for colleagues and families of colleagues who remained in Ukraine and are cut off from deliveries. Through this programme, the colleagues have raised over 8,300 € and two deliveries took place already.

Our thoughts and very best wishes are with our colleagues in Ukraine. We are in touch with our colleagues from Ukraine and are making sure they have housing, medical and psychological care and all needed supplies when entering a neighboring country and we want to express our gratitude towards our colleagues in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany who are touchingly taking care of our Ukrainian colleagues and their families. Our gratitude also goes out to the entire global Konica Minolta family who are supporting in so many ways.

First and foremost we wish that this war will end as soon as possible to avoid further misery, suffering, cruelty and losses. As Konica Minolta Europe we stand together for peace – for surely no one, of any given nationality, is in favor of a war – anywhere, at any time.

Kiyotaka Suhara, President Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe
& European Management of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe