Website transformation unveiled!


Have you ever felt like this when trying to find something online?


You just can’t find what you’re looking for! Frustrated?

Do you remember that happy moment? You finally found that perfect holiday, with the private pool, the beachside villa, the all inclusive food and drinks …………. But how long did it take you to find? Glued to your computer or mobile screen, using every spare minute to search for that dream that seemed so unreachable and was so difficult to find.

Now imagine you start researching on the internet to find a solution to an issue you are experiencing at work. What you want to find is the website of a solution provider that describes exactly your pain point, makes you happy because they actually provide a solution to your problem and one that makes it easy for you to get in touch quickly and learn more with a conversation.

Simple as that right?

WE want to provide that happy moment to our customers and prospects everyday, when they visit our website and find the solutions and more that they are looking for.

WE want to provide the right content at the right time, to the right person on the right channel. Content that attracts, engages, converts and delight, providing a web experience that is personal every time and based on interests.

Let us - Konica Minolta - be that kind of provider, who makes it easy for our prospects and customers to find the solution to their pain points every time!


We gathered a Core Team of Konica Minolta Digital Marketing colleagues across the continent and...

...teamed up with EMAKINA, an international digital marketing agency

...started in October 2017 with a kick-off in Langenhagen

...ran four more workshops on content infrastructure, personas and target groups as well as the ideal customer journey

...we selected Kentico EMS & Cloud as the Content Management System

...selected SDL Managed Translations for easy and automated translations workflows to localize website content

...brought all local requirements on the table and incorporated them in the project

...created a new top-notch design supporting the customer journey

...have re-written all content and started from scratch with wording and communication approach

...finalized the BEU website as master for all NOCs until January 2019

And now we support all NOCs to localize, setup and prepare their website to show one face to the customer in Europe!


Now get some exclusive insights from our expert team directly:

Let us show the world we do not sell only printers in any size but sell solutions to improve our customers business!

We provide solutions for every business out there and we make sure that we engage with our customers on our new website on a whole new level.

Let us give our visitors the ease of use of a modern digital platform that delivers the right information at the right time to the right people in a personalized manner!

Our website visitors will experience a customer journey with the right information at the right time - and we will learn a lot about our visitors which will allow us to optimize their customer journey and optimize our sales engagement!

Let us make sure that we show one face to the customer, no matter where we are in the world and no matter which Konica Minolta solutions we provide!

For the first time we have integrated content from other business areas, like Healthcare, into our website - a truly One Konica Minolta approach. Many more are about to follow! To show one face to the customer this website will be rolled out on global level!

Now it is your turn -
discover our new Konica Minolta corporate website:

What do you think? We are interested in your feedback!

Please share your feedback on the new corporate website with us, it is highly appreciated. You can also do this anonymously.

What do you think? - We are interested in your feedback!

Please share your feedback with us, it is highly appreciated!

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