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Nobody likes dealing with paperwork, but it can feel like an unavoidable aspect of office life. Scanning endless sheets of documentation, retyping printed files, translating documents, converting files from one format to another, or managing IT infrastructure like servers - these are some of the most repetitive and time-consuming daily tasks of employees and IT administrators.

Workplace Pure enables a cost-effective 24/7 access to a marketplace of services including document translation, document conversion, cloud print and direct upload to cloud repositories - all from a single trusted source. As such, it supports each stage of your digital transformation agenda towards an intelligent connected workplace.

As secure, compliant platform business model, Workplace Pure does away with the need to install and manage new hardware and software. So it accelerates and integrates perfectly with a cloud-first strategy.

Workplace Pure is also simple to manage with no complex or time-consuming admin to take on. An intuitive interface makes user and device management as easy as 1-2-3.

Focus on strategy, innovation and your customer. Not your IT infrastructure.

Full service free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.

bizhub i-Series + Workplace Pure Package - FREE TRIAL

Our new range of i-Series devices are now available with an exclusive, free 6-month Workplace Pure services package, which includes Convert to PDF, Word or Excel and Translate services.
We want to help our customers get most out of their print infrastructure, which is why we developed this bizhub i-Series + Workplace Pure Package. It provides a perfect combination of the new bizhub office devices and cloud-based services, delivered by Workplace Pure.

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At-a-glance benefits - the Workplace Pure ecosystem simplifies your everyday activities:

Cost effective: You don't need to buy, install or manage any infrastructure - Workplace Pure is a cloud-based business model. It's free to register and you pay only for the services you use.

Flexible and scalable: Access the allocated services from any device — via a web browser on the smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC; and directly from the bizhub MFP control panel.

Easy to administer: You don't need any specialist IT knowledge to manage users, services and devices. Just add your users and provision their services using an admin interface that anyone can understand.

Secure and compliant: Always be safe, because Workplace Pure is securely hosted in Germany (Open Telecom Cloud) for GDPR compliance - the world’s strictest law on data protection and privacy.

Always evolving: Take your pick from an ever-evolving range of services that simplify the everyday and enable users to be more productive. Benefit from network effects within your company thanks to a flexible business model.

Secure your documents using cloud services

Our live webinar took place on the 5th October, with our special guests, Mick Heys, Vice President, Future of WorkSpace & Imaging, IDC EMEA - the global market intelligence firm, who provided compelling evidence that many companies are making the switch to cloud based solutions; and Thomas Areas, Head of IT at BridgingIT, who discussed how their IT challenges were overcome by easily moving to a cloud-based solution.

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Services overview: Boost everyday productivity

The Workplace Pure ecosystem is constantly being updated and expanded. Here are just some of the productivity-boosting services already available to simplify your everyday:

  • Convert to PDF, Word, Excel
  • Document Translation
  • Cloud Print
  • Secure Guest Print
  • Smart Scan and Smart Copy
  • Fax
  • Integrate external cloud storage, like Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or SharePoint Online

Optimise your printing flexibility with Universal Print by Microsoft 

Print easily from anywhere with direct connection to the Universal Print service from Microsoft.  

With this cloud-based print solution, you can easily find the nearest printer and print instantly.  
You don´ t have to install printer drivers and only  
need to be connected to the internet and logged in  
with your Microsoft Azure ID. 


Workplace Pure sounds interesting to you?

In our brochure you will learn how Workplace Pure helps everyone get more done every day. Get more information about the specific business services and technical specifications that will support your digital transformation agenda.​

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Full service free for 30 days. No credit card required. No obligation to buy.

Workplace Pure* is recognised by independent third parties:

Keypoint Intelligence BLI Pick Award 2023 for “Outstanding Document Processing Services”
Verified by Google as Chrome Enterprise Recommended Partner

Workplace Pure GDPR Compliance Leaflet

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Secure and compliant with the Open Telekom Cloud

Workplace Pure is hosted in the secure, highly available, environmentally friendly Open Telekom Cloud.

The Open Telekom Cloud is Europe's leading OpenStack-based cloud solution. Its data centres in Germany and the Netherlands are highly certified to ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 27017 (security of cloud services) and many more. To guarantee top levels of data security and availability, all services are distributed across Scaling Groups via three Availability Zones. So you can be confident that the Open Telekom Cloud protects and secures your Workplace Cloud data in line with the stringent requirements of the European GDPR, while guaranteeing its availability.


Sustainability facts about the data centre where Workplace Pure is hosted

Workplace Pure is hosted in the Open Telekom Cloud, which is provided by the Telekom data centre in Biere, Bördeland near Magdeburg in Germany. With a 1.3 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating it requires 30 percent less energy than comparable data centres - a performance that the US certifier USGBC has awarded gold status according to the internationally recognised LEED rating. In addition, the Telekom data centre is powered 100% by electricity from renewable energy sources.  


Learn what our customers are saying about Workplace Pure:

 *previously known as bizhub Evolution

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Try Workplace Pure for free

30 days full service. No obligation to buy. With the free trial you have immediate access to Translate and Convert Services. Additional services – such as Cloud Print or Cloud storage connectors (e.g. Microsoft OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox) - can be activated for a free trial upon your request via the Workplace Pure interface.