Dispatcher Phoenix

Advanced process automation: Powerful and easy to use

Striving to maximise efficiency and economy, any modern business should automate and integrate routine office tasks as much as possible. Advanced process automation lets operators, administrators and users concentrate on their core tasks – enhancing the productivity of the entire office. Dispatcher Phoenix helps enterprises optimise their processes and save time, by automating document image processing, and by routing tasks via customisable workflows. With extensive scalability and ensuring that document processing routines run in the background with a minimum of manual intervention, the application is highly suitable for any business from small companies to the largest enterprise environment.


Dispatcher Phoenix Workflow

Dispatcher Phoenix

Dispatcher Phoenix

Document capture 

  • Multiple capturing methods

Document processing 

  • Full integration with the MFP
  • Simplicity plus power
  • Workflow Builder Tool

Document distribution

  • great variety of connectors
  • Output into databases or xml data

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Dispatcher Phoenix ScanTrip simplifies document scanning

Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix ScanTrip is a powerful core scanning solution to meet basic scanning and workflow needs. It´s OCR capabilities makes it easy to scan paper documents and automate their delivery to user defined or preconfigured destinations, allowing customers to focus on their main tasks. Workflows enable users to securely scan and send documents to network or desktop folders, email addresses and cloud storage applications including Microsoft OneDrive®, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, Box and others.

ScanTrip is a perfect door-opener for new customers, allowing them to start experiencing the benefits of Dispatcher Phoenix. As demand grows over time, customers can take advantage of a streamlined upgrade to a full Dispatcher Phoenix licence.

Dispatcher Phoenix ScanTrip Brochure

Why switching from paper-intensive to digitalised processes with Dispatcher Phoenix has a positive impact on your sustainability 

On average, 50% of a company's waste is paper, and approximately 1 billion trees' worth of paper is discarded in the U.S. alone each year. Therefore, reducing paper consumption can help reduce the sustainability burden of disposing of or recycling paper waste.  
The digitisation of paper documents and paper-intensive processes, such as invoicing, and the use of scanning and capture technologies not only reduces the need for paper and other consumables, but also increases operational efficiency, reduces storage costs, and enable quick access to timely and relevant information. Paper-based processes also require significantly more manual steps, making them more prone to errors and therefore increase the possibility of generating potential waste.   
Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix helps organisations digitise their paper-based processes - such as invoice or delivery note processing - and creates predefined workflows for the different process steps. 


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