Measurement Solutions for Automotive Display Technology

Control of infotainment, HUD, Lidar, and self driving technologies

Measurement Systems for Display Technologies within the Automotive Industry

Spectrophotometers, photometers, and colourimeters for in-vehicle displays

Automotive display technology moves in pace with consumer electronics, subject to the same level of expectation from the consumer but with additional technical requirements that must be considered to meet standards and to deliver a product with high perceived value to the customer. The proliferation of display and touchscreen technology in automobiles has made this technology the gateway to the user experience and so the quality of systems have a great impact on the satisfaction of the customer and perceived quality.

Konica Minolta and group company Radiant Vision Systems produce measurement solutions for the specification and testing of the luminance and colour of display technology including Infotainment, HUD, and Lidar and illuminated switches, or feedback elements like dashboard buttons, or armrest controls and cluster symbols.

Automotive manufacturers can maximise the perceived quality of the user experience for display and control elements whilst insuring that standards for visibility, viewing angle, legibility, accuracy, and uniformity are met. The same technologies used for high quality consumer electronic displays can be applied to development, production, and in-situ testing.

Traceable and trusted solutions for digital luminance data can greatly expedite the process of development, production, and QC testing.

Our expert teams can help to implement a system that allows all parties; from equipment manufacturer through to QC, to work in a more streamlined, collaborative, and consistent way. Experience shows that a data driven approach allows supply chains to build relationships based on quality and consistency, reducing subjectivity and simplifying specification and approval.

Offering customers a global network of sales, support, and expertise, Konica Minolta can deliver tested solutions to customers in the automotive industry. Our network of authorised service facilities provides ongoing maintenance and calibration of devices to minimise downtime and ensure that systems remain traceable throughout their working life


  • Improve perceived quality and deliver the quality of user interface that will exceed the consumer's expectations by developing and testing the latest technologies with the latest measurement technology to keep pace with the cutting edge of consumer electronics.
  • Streamline supply and work with suppliers to develop, prototype, and test technology using trusted measurement solutions.



CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

Used for luminance and chromaticity measurement of various optical devices such as displays, for example LCDs, PDPs, organic ELs, and FEDs. Successor to the CS-2000 and CS-2000A.

Radiant ProMetric® I-Series

State of the Art imaging colourimeter that provides the most accurate solution for testing embedded displays. A recommended solution for both R&D and production environments to capture luminance, colour measurements, and view angle data.  

Radiant ProMetric® Y-Series

ProMetric imaging photometer for luminance measurements of display technology, assessing brightness, uniformity, contrast, pixel defects, etc. with a range of sensors available to ensure best price to performance ratio.

CA-410 Display Colour Analyzer

Successor to the industry standard CA-310, the display colour analyzer CA-410 measure and adjust chromaticity and gamma characteristics of HUD displays, smartphone, tablet, television and other HDR displays across a wider luminance range than ever before.

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20-S

The glossmeter is used to measure image quality and profiles how light is reflected from a surface. It can also be used for relative display measurements. 



Measurement of instrument clusters

Radiant Vision Systems imaging colourimeter and photometers (ProMetric® series) measure the brightness and chromaticity of automobiles dashboards and instrument clusters. Not only can they evaluate the brightness and chromaticity of text and icons, but also quickly identify defects such as missing or partially obscured characters.

Measurement of brightness, chromaticity, and uniformity evaluation of display screens such as in-vehicle infotainment

Konica Minolta measuring instruments (CA-410 colour analyzer and CS-2000 spectroradiometer) and Radiant Vision Systems imaging colourimeter and photometers (ProMetric® series) can measure the brightness and chromaticity of the in-vehicle display screen. It is possible to measure brightness distribution and colour distribution in high resolution. 

Combined with TrueTest™ image analysis software, the display screen can be evaluated for uniformity/uneveness, BlackMura, point defects, line defects, and other image inspections.

The CS-2000 and CS-2000A have now been succeeded by the CS-3000 Spectroradiometer. The CS-3000 delivers improved accuracy and reduced measurement times, capable of measuring in as little as a quarter of the time of its predecessor for some lengthy low light tasks. The new instrument is also designed for improved system integration and automation.

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