Colour measurement for paper and paper products

brightness, opacity, fluorescence, colour, whiteness and tint for all pulp, paper, and card products

Colour measurement for paper and paper products

Quantifying the whiteness and the effect of optical brighteners to meet the colour demands of customers

Pulp and paper products cover a huge gamut of packaging materials, office supplies, fine papers, cardstocks, and more, each with different requirements for appearance and physical properties. At the top end of the market, brands want custom colours for packaging with tight tolerances on colour and gloss to improve shelf appeal and improve the perceived value of their products. Producers serving the print industry must have control over whiteness and yellowness, and optical brightener. Even products that would not have historically been colour critical are seeing market trends bringing colour into their business as customers want customisation, branding, and consistency.

Konica Minolta offers customers a range of solutions for improving product quality and integrate accurate and traceable colour data into colour production processes, everything from recycling papers to specification of dyes and raw materials, process control, quality control, and colour communication with customers.


Colour measurement allows organisations to implement data driven processes that improve output and consistency, saving time and waste.

Applying colour measurement in collaboration with suppliers and customers for sharing colour data, setting tolerances, for specifying and approving product and ongoing reporting, can build supply chain relationships based on quality, consistency, and collaboration, reducing costly subjectivity, rejects, and disagreements.

Konica Minolta benchtop spectrophotometers and portable spectrophotometers offer simple and accurate solutions for measuring the colour of paper and paper products, allowing organisations to control and optimise production and improve product quality.

The CM-3630A is designed specifically for the pulp and paper industry for measuring brightness, opacity, fluorescence, colour, whiteness, and tint in full accordance with several international and national standards such as ISO, SCAN, DIN, TAPPI, CPPA, and AFNOR. Our team can help specify the best solution for your needs and demonstrate quick yet powerful templates for WI, YI, and more, that will expedite and simplify reporting and analysis.

The application team at Konica Minolta have a great deal of experience in delivering measurement solutions to customers in the paper industry value chain with an industry leading sales and support network across Europe and throughout the globe.


  • Optimise use of chemicals and processes to save costs
  • Improve the perceived quality of products
  • Offer customers a wider range of consistent colours
  • Simplify the colour specification and approval process with traceable data



CM-3630A Benchtop Spectrophotometer

A benchtop specifically developed for the paper industry. ISO Compliant measurement of brightness, opacity, fluorescence, colour, whiteness, and tint.

CM-26dG Portable Spectrophotometer

Portable spectrophotometer with selectable UV100/UV0 and built in ISO compliant 60-degree gloss sensor. Close tolerance instrument for accurate supply chain communication of colour.



QC for Packaging Materials

The CM-3630A used in combination with a tablet computer running Paper Manager software in order to measure and report on production according to customer specifications.

Benchtop Spectrophotometer CM-3630A is a state-of-the art ISO-Standard compliant measuring device for the pulp & paper industry

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