Colour Measurement for Dyes

Measure Dyes and Inks for control and reporting

Colour Measurement of Dyes in the Textile Industry

Accurate Solutions for measuring dyes in liquid and powder forms for Goods in Research and Development teams in the textile industry

Dyes are used in the textile industry to help textile manufacturers achieve the desired colour of output products. The colour of the dyestuff, its mixing, processing, and end result must all be carefully controlled in order to achieve a consistent and quality end product without excess waste, rejects, and cost. For some textile products the colour will be a critical success factor, crucial for clothes and furnishings, but even for products where colour is not a primary characteristic.


Delivering a consistent colour and appearance improves the perceived value of products and helps the producer demonstrate a commitment to quality.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments offer a solution for accurate measurement of dyes, inks, and the outcomes of related processes, from raw materials to finished products. Accurate and traceable colour data allows organisations to implement data driven processes that improve product quality and consistency, saving waste and costs. Whether colour data is used for internal controls, development, reporting or communicating colour with supply partners, our systems are supported by an experienced team who can help you to accurately specify, produce, and report colour.
Digital colour data can be used to greatly expedite and simplify the colour supply process, improving the way that dye producers and textile producers can react to the market. By collaborating with supply partners, using accurate and traceable instruments and tested processes and systems, relationships can be strengthened based on quality, consistency, and communication.  
The colour of dyes and inks can be measured using a benchtop spectrophotometer, this will allow the user to gain control over the dye process, to understand the impact of processes on the final colour, and to perform colour QC. A benchtop like the CM-36dg can measure both the dyes and finished products. It has several innovative features that benefit textile producers, including a built-in sample viewer camera that allows the operator to accurately measure patterned samples or test strips that have been treated differently.


  • Improve consistency of dyes and ink colour.
  • Improve reporting and communication with customers.
  • Optimise pigments and reduce costs.
  • Reduce subjectivity in QC and approval.
  • Tighten tolerances.



CM-36dG Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Innovative benchtop for measurement of liquid dyes, powdered pigments, and textile materials, with a UV filter for control of OBAs and a sample viewer camera for precise measurement of patterned samples.

CM-26d Portable Spectrophotometer

User-friendly portable instrument with small measurement aperture and sample viewfinder, ideal for measurement of dyed samples.

CM-5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

User-friendly stand-alone benchtop spectrophotometer that measures the colour of liquid, powder, and solid samples. The built-in display and operator wizard make this a versatile solution for different locations and processes.



Measurement of Colour for Cloth and Thread

Konica Minolta spectrophotometers can perform colour measurement for specification and control of dye preparation and sample dyeing of fabrics and threads. Our experts can help you implement a system for colour designation and auditing for apparel manufacturers and dyeing factories.

The spectrophotometer CM-36dG / CM-36dGV simultaneously measures colour and gloss values. This provides improved traceable appearance data for enhancing the quality of products and improving measurement efficiency.

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