Modern video technology helps speed up the settlement of claims

Modern video technology helps speed up the settlement of claims

Modern video technology helps speed up the settlement of claims

A first-class, transparent and collaborative service made to impress

As a specialist in steel products, the international CTS Cremerius-Transport- Service GmbH in Germany can handle both road, rail and maritime transport routes. The company offers its customers a reliable and seamless logistics chain from a single source. The family-owned company, which has been successfully operating in the market for 30 years, operates a tri-modal logistics centre in the parallel port of Duisburg. The company premises cover a total area of approximately 25,000 square meters, which is divided between open and covered storage areas and office spaces. To ensure a significantly higher level of security and protection against external and terrorist attacks, the waterside premises are subject to the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).

Konica Minolta has equipped CTS with an extensive video solution service system. In addition to an administration building, the tri-modal terminal in Duisburg comprises multiple covered and open storage areas.

It was important for the company to be able to record the entire site regardless of the weather or time of day, obtain footage that can be used as evidence and ensure that the equipment was easy to operate for all relevant employees. In addition to high-quality and user-friendly technology, CTS GmbH values a transparent quoting process, reliable service and an equal partnership.

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"We have a very positive relationship with our contacts at Konica Minolta, which is extremely valuable to us. Project management is highly professional and fully traceable."

Sven Krajewski

IT coordinator, CTS GmbH, Germany

Video solution services for road, rail and maritime transport of steel goods

Essential monitoring of forwarding operations

In order to fully monitor the customer's premises, Konica Minolta's Video Solution Services team developed and implemented a customised security concept, which also complies with the legal requirements of the district government.

"A high-quality monitoring system is indispensable for us — given the size of our company, occasional damage to the storage facility gates or the building facade can never be fully ruled out," says Sven Krajewski, IT coordinator at CTS GmbH.

Due to the poor image quality of the old monitoring system, any damage related disputes took a long time to be resolved, as the perpetrators could not be identified clearly. "Since neither reliable face recognition nor the possibility to zoom in on number plates were available, we began looking for a new, reliable security provider that could replace our existing system with modern security technology," says Sven Krajewski.

Konica Minolta, which has been providing excellent support in the supply and maintenance of printing devices at CTS GmbH for several years, was not one of Mr. Krajewski's initial candidates. "Previously, we had turned to security companies who were more well known as such on the market. Unfortunately, we were regularly told that either we were too big or the suppliers were too small. In the end, we were always given the same recommendations that we had been dissatisfied with in the past." Sven Krajewski was therefore delighted when he first heard about Video Solution Services at a Konica Minolta customer event and made initial contact with the relevant team.

Optimal project management — from planning to implementation

A short time later, Konica Minolta made its first visit to the CTS GmbH premises in Duisburg, during which the site was inspected in detail to glean all the relevant information for the initial concept. Experienced technicians
used wide-angle devices to determine the optimal locations for the cameras and ensure that the entire area could be recorded. It was particularly important to be able to reliably identify license plates and people, even in the most adverse weather conditions. "In addition to an impeccable technical solution and a trusting and personal relationship with our provider, we also place great value on cost effectiveness and, as a result, on traceable and transparent costs," explains Sven Krajewski.

"After the order was placed, it took less than 48 hours before all the cameras were installed in the designated places and running smoothly. Both the planning and the implementation were highly professional and very satisfactory," recalls Sven Krajewski.

New video technology saves time and hassle

Parallel to the installation of the cameras, Konica Minolta also set up the software and storage components. The continuous video recordings from the cameras are stored in a NAS storage system for several days before the data is overwritten.

All employees who, for example, use the cameras to coordinate trucks on the premises or to examine and use recorded frequencies received training from Konica Minolta. It was important for the IT coordinator that all of his colleagues were able to operate the equipment independently: "In the past, it was very time-consuming to have to jump in again and again when there were problems with the cameras. The new cameras are veryuser-friendly and there have been hardly any queries or problems since the introduction of the system."

In addition to a reduction in the time required, especially thanks to the simpler operation, CTS GmbH also benefits from more rapid processing of insurance claims. The higher image quality now available to the company means it can comprehensively prove who caused the damage, when and how with much fewer delays.


  • Comprehensive coverage of a freight forwarding site with buildings and road, rail and maritime traffic
  • Capturing continuous video recordings that can be used as evidence, regardless of any external influences
  • User-friendly technology that does not require external intervention
  • Conversion phase of one working day to fully meet the applicable security requirements


  • On-site appointment to create a detailed concept for the video solution services
  • Transparent quotation including a range of services, such as employee training
  • Installation of outdoor cameras with appropriate software and storage systems that enable recording over several days


  • The price and specific application of the technology used can be tracked at all times
  • Fast and independent operation of the technology saves users time
  • High-quality footage ensures that claims are processed quickly