Cloud Security - Secure your documents using cloud services

“I can’t use cloud with my existing infrastructure”. “I’ll lose control of my data”. "Cyber-attacks are common” Are these familiar scenarios / feelings for you?

Our live webinar took place on the 5th October, 3 - 3.45pm CET,  with our special guests, Mick Heys, Vice President, Future of WorkSpace & Imaging, IDC EMEA - the global market intelligence firm and Thomas Areas, Head of IT at BridgingIT.

Mick provided compelling evidence that many companies are making the switch to cloud based solutions and help to overcome the main insecurities preventing businesses from making the move, whilst also highlighting the benefits of cost, flexibility, and security that companies enjoy after switching to cloud-based services and solutions.

A real-life business example was also delivered by our customer, BridgingIT GmbH, who discussed how their IT challenges were overcome by easily moving to a cloud-based solution and the benefits they and their employees are now enjoying.

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Cloud Security - Secure your documents using cloud services