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Take the hassle out of your monitoring and management.

Companies - especially small and medium sized enterprises, often struggle to manage their entire IT environment, because it takes up too much of their resources. If done properly, it can also be costly. Meeting regulatory and security requirements demands expert technical knowledge and a dedicated department. As your business grows, managing all its servers, databases, network technologies and workstations can become an obstacle, especially when the complexity of a corporate environment is factored in.

Normally, remote monitoring and management isn’t the only problem; this lies in the time, skills and knowledge needed to manage your corporate environment effectively.

Why is monitoring and management important?

Your business depends on its servers, workstations, network and devices performing flawlessly at all times. If any of these systems fails, the potential financial risks can be severe – and that’s before data loss is even taken into consideration. Keeping an eye on your environment around the clock and strategically allocating technology assets takes time (time you probably don’t have). But Konica Minolta has.

How can Konica Minolta help you free up valuable time for your core business tasks?

Have you considered outsourcing the monitoring and management of your servers and network infrastructure to an external provider?

Our experts  here at Konica Minolta can look after the key aspects of your business infrastructure and significantly improve your company’s performance. Our teams of experienced and skilled IT professionals deploy a ‘remote monitoring agent’, allowing any potential issues to be proactively identified – and subsequently resolved.

We can help you save time and focus on your core business, while we take care of your critical business systems.

Your benefits

Our Remote Monitoring and Management Services (RMM) offers centralised monitoring and management of your entire system, including server hardware, storage, Konica Minolta provisioned applications, operating systems and associated network infrastructure. The service is designed to ensure any infrastructure you deploy remains fit-for-purpose and fully able to support the operational demands of your business. You no longer have to stress about carrying out updates for your entire workplace environment, this is all managed by Konica Minolta. As an example, all Workplace Hub included components are constantly monitored - one stop support for your business. 

By proactively identifying potential problems and issues before they occur, Konica Minolta helps to increase the reliability of your operational business. Complex, critical or time-consuming tasks become a thing of the past, so you can fully focus on growing your business. Achieve optimum productivity and minimize system down times – with Konica Minolta RMM. 

Achieve greater reliability, higher availability – and lower costs

The Remote Management Service (RMS) is designed to help with the ever-increasing need to manage the IT infrastructure required to run your business effectively. 

As with the Remote Monitoring Service, the remote monitoring agent supporting the delivery of RMS will only collect data which are necessary, such as information relating to your systems and performance. 

We maintain strict administrative, physical and technical safeguards in order to protect security and confidentiality, and our data centers have attained the highest level of security certification accepted under Sarbanes-Oxley—independently audited to SAS70 Type II. 

Information gathered in this way is accessed via a dashboard, so we can fulfil our service obligations and meet our technical support commitments.

Your benefits at a glance

Back-up and antivirus services

Real-time server and application monitoring

End-to-end audit trail for issues identified and any Konica Minolta interventions

Management services

Optional issue resolution from Konica Minolta IT support community

Periodic server- and application-specific monitoring services

Predictable service performance and periodic performance visibility

Proactive infrastructure monitoring helps identify and resolve potential problems before they become issues

Server ‘health check’ services

Support for internal resources lets you save time and focus on your core business

Is fleet monitoring getting you down?

Monitoring and managing your fleet of multifunctional devices (MFDs) and printers demands time, skills and knowledge; and can be costly, too. To meet the associated regulatory and security requirements, you need specialist technical expertise and dedicated resources. And as your business grows and becomes more complex, managing an expanding device fleet can prove even more challenging and time consuming.

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