Colour and Surface Measurement for Automotive Interiors

Specification, development, and testing of Interior materials including plastics, leather, carpets, metal, and more

Colour and Gloss Measurement Solutions for Quality Control of Automotive Interiors

Development, production, and QC solutions for control of the colour and appearance of interior plastics, carpets, metals, and leather

Automotive interiors include a variety of materials utilised in creating the cabin of modern automobiles. This includes plastics, textiles, metal, leather, and more. Automotive interiors play a huge role in customer experience, branding, and positioning with these materials in direct contact with the customer and responsible for the perception of quality. The development and specification of these materials must be undertaken in parallel with the interior lighting in order to deliver an environment that is functional, projects quality, and avoids any undesired interactions between materials and light sources. The ability to work collaboratively with supply chain partners using traceable colour data has the potential to save significant cost, waste, and time.
Konica Minolta and partner Rhopoint Instruments offer a compressive range of solutions to the automotive industry, aimed at producing consistent and quality components for the cabin. This helps automotive marques to improve the perceived quality of their products, ensuring a visually appealing interior environment by controlling the appearance of interior materials.

Whether for development, process, or quality control for internal controls, colour specification, and communication with the supply chain, our expert team can help the automotive industry to accurately specify, produce, and communicate colour. Utilising Konica Minolta’s  innovative and accurate measurement instruments with cutting edge software, producers can greatly improve the process, speed and outcomes of their colour workflow.

Digital colour and appearance data can be used to expedite the supply process, greatly improving an OEM’s ability to react to the market by reducing the costs and risks associated with producing, distributing, and maintaining physical standards.

Colour Measurement applied when visiting with supply partners, agreeing specifications, in development laboratories, in benchmarking against competitors or reporting for internal quality control programs can build supply relationships based on quality and consistency, reducing subjectivity in the colour production process.
Konica Minolta has a dedicated team, experienced in delivering digital colour data systems to global supply chains, allowing organisations to specify and share colour standards with supply partners to centralise the colour matching, quality control, and approval of colours within their libraries. Our systems are supported by a global network of sales and expertise, and authorised service facilities that ensure your systems can be maintained with minimal downtime.


  • Save time and money with digital colour data by communicating digital colour standards directly from your library with supply chain partners, saving the cost and risk associated with physical master standards.
  • Improve quality and lower working tolerances by centralising the colour supply chain and unifying suppliers on close tolerance colour measurement instruments.
  • Reduce waste and save time by specifying and approving colours within a digital colour data system.



CM-25cG Portable Spectrophotometer

45°c:0° geometry portable spectrophotometer with a true 60°-gloss-sensor, renowned for providing colour values offering excellent correlation to visual perception by fully excluding surface effects of gloss and/or texture.

CM-36dG Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Close tolerance benchtop spectrophotometer designed for digital colour data, with new user-friendly features like camera sample viewer and built-in wavelength adjustment for year round accuracy.

CM-26dG Portable Spectrophotometer

Close tolerance d:8° portable spectrophotometer with a true 60°-gloss-sensor that can be used with Konica Minolta's CM-CT1 device administration software to configure supply chain measurement devices.

Rhopoint IQ Flex-20S

Ideal for small area for interior details such as interior chrome parts or high gloss plastics, this IQ glossmeter can be used with custom measuring jigs to expedite and improve sample presentation and consistency.

Rhopoint Novo-Gloss FLEX 60 Glossmeter

Ideal for measuring small, curved or hard to reach low gloss surfaces. Utilising an ultra-lightweight remote measuring headthe device features an additional measuring scale with a resolution 10 times greater than standard gloss meters.

Rhopoint IQ-S Close-Tolerance Glossmeter

Trigloss 20/60/85° close-tolerance IQ version for maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications. This new generation glossmeter also provides data for Rspec, RIQ, and Haze.

CM-700d Portable Spectrophotometer

Portable instrument with vertical alignment that allows for precise positioning of measurement aperture. Measure with a 3mm or 8mm aperture and transfer data via Bluetooth to colour data software.

Just Normlicht LED Color Viewing Light 2.0

LED based viewing light with standard illuminants for controlled viewing that can also be configured with user specified illuminants to match with effect lighting, ensuring that the combination of light and parts produces the desired visual effect for customers.

Eines Parts Check Solutions

Eines Vision Systems offers a variety of solutions for checking parts quality, such as doors, instrument systems or headliners for automotive manufacturers. Its simplicity and flexibility enable high customisation based on customers’ needs.



Measurement of Interior Plastics

OEMs are able to specify the colour for interior plastics and share the digital colour standards with supply chain partners who can use the same system for colour recipe prediction and later perform QC measurements against that standard. By specifying digital colour data standards and measuring with close tolerance instruments from Konica Minolta Sensing, tolerances can be tighter, and timescales shortened.

The 45-degree geometry of the CM-25cG ensures that the operator can match colours to other parts, irrespective of surface texture. Circumferential illumination eliminates directional dependency to minimise the influence of measurement position and rotation, particularly in frosted, textured, or structured surfaces commonly used in automotive plastics.

metallic and cream coloured plastic parts in an automotive door assembly surrounded by textured cream plastic.
white colour matched interior of a car shown through the door

Measurement of Leather

The target colour for upholstery leather can be specified to the correct supply chain partners to match. The producer can match to the required colour and use a portable spectrophotometer to measure production samples and establish working tolerances and provide QC data back to the specifier. 

Measurement of Small Curved Surfaces

The portable spectrophotometer CM-700d has a small measuring aperture and vertical alignment that makes it ideally suited to measuring on small and curved parts which would otherwise be difficult to accurately position a measuring instrument on.

Gloss can also be measured on these small and curved surfaces using the Rhopoint glossmeters, either the Rhopoint Novo-Gloss FLEX 60 or the Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20-S.

Interior controls of a car with brushed metal effect and stitched red leather

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