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Protect the most valuable assets of the company: information

Information is the crown jewel that attackers are targeting. Information security and data protection are central values that are extremely relevant for business success, competitiveness and reputation. The protection of the information in the company – whether it is the company’s own information or that of customers – is one of the main goals of information security concepts. On the other hand, when it comes to information security and data protection, the demands being placed on companies nowadays are becoming more challenging with every year. Using “state-of-the-art” IT security has been incorporated into the body of European laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulations, in recent years. International standards such as ISO 27001 ff. define how the requirements should be implemented. With its holistic information security approach and a variety of different consulting packages, Konica Minolta supports companies in implementing a comprehensive information security concept.

Security risks companies face

In recent times, criminals have increasingly succeeded in penetrating corporate networks via weak points.

  • Whereas in the past a virus was only supposed to cause damage, today intelligent malware aims to remain undetected for as long as possible and to extract as much data and information as possible.
  • Ransomware is also dangerous: with this blackmail software, data is complexly encrypted by hackers and only released for ransom. The damage caused by these attacks is already in the multimillions.
  • It is also conceivable that hackers could paralyse entire production facilities in companies, in the worst case even critical infrastructures on a national level. Attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and more difficult to trace.
  • In addition, criminals are using the advantages of artificial intelligence for their activities.

The associated danger is that companies affected will suffer major financial losses. Small companies are even threatened with bankruptcy. There is also the threat of serious damage to their image. The situation is therefore threatening.

According to the Bitkom survey “Economic protection in the digital world”, 23% of German companies have been victims of data theft in the last two years. Another 18% suspect that they were affected. The targets range from communication data (48%), customer data (20%) and financial data (20%) to intellectual property or employee data.



How to protect your sensitive information

Technology alone is no longer capable of offering an adequate level of protection. What is required - today more than ever before - is the interplay between people, processes and technology:

  • Solutions for access security: the more sensitive data is, the more important it is to restrict the group of people who have access to it.
  • Passwords alone are not enough. Valuable information should also be encrypted under certain circumstances.
  • Not just since the GDPR came into force is it also advisable to have an overview of which personal data a company has collected.
  • It is also important to ensure that there is only one central, up-to-date data record and not different versions distributed across the network.
  • Information security also includes protected transport – information must be securely transmitted end-to-end in encrypted form.
  • In the event of violations, it is also crucial to have protocol data at hand so that it can be made available. Not only does it allow infringements to be identified quickly, log data is also required for damage assessment and mitigation.


Konica Minolta’s approach for your information security concept

IT security has been Konica Minolta’s core business activity for more than 20 years. Using this experience, we collaborate with you to devise a strategic information security approach. Together, we pose the right questions to find the appropriate answers:

  • What sort of information is worth protecting at your company?
  • Are you and all your colleagues aware of this information - and have you defined appropriate security measures, depending on the level of protection?
  • Have you already implemented an information security concept and the IT guidelines associated with such a concept, and produced a crisis handbook?

With an appropriate analysis Konica Minolta defines your dedicated need. Our wide variety of different consulting packages range from individual analyses through to complex project support during the implementation of management systems. Components can include not only technical solutions, but also employee training and workshops on the sensitivity and relevance of information security, because companies must see to it that their employees are made aware of the issue – awareness of the dangers and consequences in the event of a security breach is not always clear. Konica Minolta can also assume the role of an external CISO or IT security officer.

Secure and compliant must be effective and easy

Information management is still work in progress for many businesses. With the ceaseless advance of digitalisation in business, it is important to note that this process is still a long way from being complete. For many companies, particularly SMEs, the reality is that transformations are piecemeal, and the content management processes remains a hybrid between paper-based and digital processes. Whether invoices, contracts or employee information – a huge volume of office work is still very much shaped by working on paper.

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Fried Kunststofftechnik: Top 10 Analysis ensures systematic security

The visit by the IT security consultants from Konica Minolta IT Solutions was the first time that medium-sized company Fried had ever had experts on site to highlight the importance of IT security. Based on the analysis, Fried was able to quickly identify weaknesses and establish a security concept. Beside the implementation of a modern firewall, many proposed best practice measures that did not require any additional investment also proved very helpful.


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Information Security

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