Specim - Hyperspectral imaging

Founded in 1995, Specim,Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd., is the global leader in Hyperspectral Imaging with an in-house R&D design and a production space, including clean room facilities, maintenance, calibration, and repair services. 

Since 2020, Specim is part of KONICA MINOLTA Group, extending the portofolio of measuring instruments towards the invisible range (VNIR, NIR, MWIR). 

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Specim,Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd - Hyperspectral imaging

What is hyperspectral imaging?

All materials and compounds absorb, emit, and reflect differently when interacting with light, and hyperspectral imaging is a non-destructive measurement method for identifying different materials and defining their properties.
By using this measurement method, it is possible to obtain the spectral pattern "spectral signature" of absorption and reflection peculiar to each substance. The spectrum is expressed in terms of light intensity and wavelength.

Features of hyperspectral camera

The following shows the output of each point in the measurement wavelength region and the two-dimensional value in the equipment using the imaging device.

Machine Measurement wavelength range Output
RGB camera Visible range Number of RGB bits
Imaging color luminance meter Visible range Tristimulus value (each XYZ value)
Near infrared camera Near infrared range Amount of energy
Hyperspectral camera (using CMOS sensor) Visible + near infrared range (~ 1000nm) Spectrum data * Scanning required
Hyperspectral camera (using InGaAs sensor) Near infrared  range (around 1000 to 1700 nm) Spectrum data * Scanning required

The "near-infrared camera" receives light in the near-infrared region of a certain wavelength range and outputs an image, or outputs the amount of near-infrared energy in that wavelength range. Output is difficult, which is a big difference from hyperspectral cameras.
The hyperspectral camera has the great feature of being able to obtain spectral data for each measurement point, and realizes the following:

  • Advanced analysis
  • Highly accurate detection
  • Accurate identification

The hyperspectral camera can obtain 3D information (2D spectral data) of the object to be measured. Hyperspectral imaging data is called a "data cube" because the hyperspectral information is three-dimensional.
The 3D information refers to the 2D position information and the spectral data obtained for each pixel of the image of the object to be measured. 

Since hyperspectral cameras differ in the spectral wavelength range that can be acquired depending on the model, it is necessary to select the optimum camera depending on the object.

Specim IQ

    Spectral camera in the VNIR (400-1000nm)

    Integration time 1 – 500 ms

    Camera-like usage with a sensitive touchscreen

    Immediate inspection of results and feedback wit visualization of spectral profiles


Specim FX series