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If you have people who work in the field, on the go, or from their homes or other remote locations, you'll know how challenging it can be to get information sharing right. You want to be sure everyone can get the files and documents they need to be efficient and productive. You want to foster collaboration among dispersed individuals and teams. You may even need to share documents with customers, partners or suppliers.

At the same time, however, you want to avoid:


  • The data security risks that can occur when content is accessed or moved around in an uncontrolled way
  • The version control problems that can arise when multiple copies of a document are edited at the same time
  • The potential consequences of people relying on unmanaged or out-of-date information, such as last year's price lists or product specs


Make sharing easy and secure. With familiar apps and tools.

By combining familiar office productivity apps with capabilities that allow authorised users to share files and access the information they need, you'll help people to do their jobs more effectively — confident that your organisation's content remains properly protected and secure.

With Microsoft 365 in the cloud, users can easily access and share a wide range of content and information — files, folders, documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, audio files presentations and more — any time, any place, on any device — including mobiles. So they're less likely to store their own versions locally, and more likely to use and work with up-to-date content that's maintained and stored centrally.

Because Microsoft 365 apps are seamlessly integrated, users can easily collaborate live using audio, video and messaging options. They can also share and update content and information in real time. For example, a Word or Excel document can be shared and annotated live during a Skype or Teams videoconference; while groups can collaborate securely and efficiently on projects via Teams, and store files and folders centrally using OneDrive or SharePoint Online.

To help you safeguard your content, Microsoft 365 in the cloud is integrated with Azure Active Directory, giving you full control over identity and access management across both your cloud and on-prem environments.

Your benefits at a glance

Save time

With quick and easy access to information and file sharing, users have more time to spend on the job at hand.

Improve collaboration

Enabling shared workspaces and easy conferencing fosters collaborative working and accelerates project completion.

Enhance productivity

Quick and easy access to files and documents from any device, using familiar apps, helps people get more done, no matter where they are.

Eliminate version control issues

With centrally stored files and documents available to all users, you do away with the risk of multiple and out-of-date versions circulating.

Increase information security

Protect corporate information assets with centralised control over identity and access management.

1. How does file sharing work?

File sharing software works by allowing several people to access, view, read, edit or otherwise interact with the same file or document at the same time.

2. What are the benefits of file sharing?

An effective file sharing solution saves time for employees, helps ensure corporate information remains up to date and secure, supports more effective collaboration, and contributes to increased productivity. When you choose Microsoft 365 for its file-sharing and collaboration capabilities, you'll find that its integration of familiar office productivity apps makes it quick and easy for users to adopt and experience the benefits.

3. When should you use file sharing?

Use a solution like Microsoft 365 to enable information, folder and file sharing when you need to make information easily and securely accessible to distributed teams, mobile workers, field-based staff, remote and home-based workers; or you need to collaborate with third parties such as customers, partners or suppliers. Given that every organisation runs on data, almost any organisation can benefit from an effective file sharing solution.

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