Rethink the world of work. Redefine the Digital Workplace.

Driven by technological, social, environmental and generation shifts, the concept of 'work' has changed radically for many of us. Instead of being somewhere you go, work is now something you do — any time, any place, on any device. To keep up with this evolution and enable employee engagement, efficiency and productivity, 45% of organisations say that digital transformation is a top priority across their organisation.​​ ¹


  • They're moving from paper to electronic documents and developing digital workflows.​​
  • They're migrating from on-site management to SaaS and cloud platforms, hosted in data centres. ​​
  • They're empowering their virtual workforce with new technology — mobile devices and digital collaboration tools. ​​
  • And they're unleashing the power of data and analytics to drive their business forward.

We'll partner with you to develop an intelligent connected workplace that's right for your organisation. One that takes your organisation to the next level of digital maturity. Puts you in control. Helps you adapt readily to change and overcome new challenges. Supports your people to do their best work, in the way that's best for them. And enables you to bring new ideas to life for the benefit of your customers, your business, and society as a whole.​


Welcome to your Intelligent Connected Workplace

When I.T. works the way it should, you’ve got the confidence to run your business your way. The flexibility to work however and wherever you need to. And the tools to push productivity to meet demand – safe in the knowledge that your workplace is secure. With a partner who tailors holistic digital workplace solutions, you can scale up and stand tall. ​ When I.T. works, WORK IT. ​

Your core benefits

An intelligent connected workplace can be a game-changer for your business. It redefines how you and your teams work – individually and collaboratively – offering a range of benefits, including better: ​


Employees can work securely from anywhere any time


Grow your workplace in line with the development of your business


By automating processes and making it easier for your people to access what they need, they can get the job done better and faster​

Our solutions at a glance

We believe the world of work comprises three pillars: people, spaces and technology. All  too often, these pillars are treated as separate entities. Our vision, therefore, is to connect your people, spaces and technology to create a truly digital workplace. ​​​

Step-by-step we‘re supporting your organisation at every stage of the digital maturity journey to: ​​

  • Convert from paper to digital for more secure and sustainable information storage, and easier access for employees in any work environment​​
  • Enable location-independent working with secure, managed cloud and mobile IT solutions​
  • Integrate more data and insights into your business decision-making.​​

Our broad portfolio of technology, services, solutions and consultancy expertise helps to integrate the hardware, software, digital tools, cloud platforms and other capabilities that will deliver your transformation at the pace that suits you. And we'll underpin these with security features to protect against cyberthreats. Resilience options and remote or on-site support will help to maximise uptime.​

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Our track record of successful transformation projects means you can count on us to get it right for your organisation. As well as helping customers on their transformation journeys, we've managed our own transformation as company — from print hardware supplier to holistic digital workplace solutions provider.​

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