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Microsoft 365 has a lot to offer and this can be quite overwhelming for Companies. In addition to that rapid advances in technology can make it difficult to work out which apps best meet the needs of your business. At the same time, data storage is becoming increasingly distributed — from cloud-platform apps to home offices — which can leave employees struggling to find the information they need. Managing all that complexity can also be a challenge for IT teams.

Everything managed by Konica Minolta - reduce your manual IT workload

Workplace One brings all your infrastructure, data and workflows together into one cloud solution, with everything managed by Konica Minolta — significantly reducing your manual IT workload. And while we make sure your environment runs smoothly in the background, your people can securely collaborate and access all the Microsoft apps, software, data and business workflows they need, whenever and wherever they work.

A managed Microsoft 365 service Workplace One is specifically designed to help SMBs realise the full potential of Microsoft 365, whether or not they've already rolled it out.

Our consultants will help you:

  • Advice on the most appropriate Microsoft 365 setup

  • Guidance and Access to Microsoft 365 licenses. Configuration and management of the Microsoft 365 environment

  • Understand how to integrate different apps to work together in the best way

  • Optimise the performance, flexibility and security of your Microsoft 365 environment




Your benefits at a glance

ONE managed services partner for peace of mind
We take care of your business security and continuity by ensuring your accounts and files — including OneDrive and Microsoft Teams — are monitored, protected and regularly backed up; with data protection policies that help your company maintain GDPR compliance.


ONE hosting platform: the Konica Minolta cloud
Your business data is backed up to the Konica Minolta cloud for safe storage in our highly available, secure and scalable data centres.

ONE monthly fee for a better cost overview
Workplace One is implemented and maintained by our experts in return for a simple, transparent monthly fee.

ONE place for support
The Workplace One Service Desk is your central point of contact, with IT experts immediately available to help with any questions or issues.

ONE password for all your applications
Single Sign-On (SSO) means users need just one password for access to all their applications, making life easier for them and simplifying user admin for the IT team.



How does Workplace One simplify my IT?

Workplace One simplifies your IT in a variety of ways. It brings all your infrastructure, data and business applications (including other cloud apps you already use) into one place — the Konica Minolta cloud. It helps you roll out the right Microsoft 365 apps and services to meet your business needs. It simplifies infrastructure and user management for your IT team. And gives you access to a service desk staffed by IT experts who can quickly help with queries and issues.

How easy is it for people to use Workplace One?

Workplace One is designed to be simple to use. Single sign-on (SSO) means users have a single password to access all their applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. And it doesn't matter where users are working, or what device they're using — mobile, laptop or desktop — they can access Workplace One using Microsoft Teams, mobile apps or a web browser.

Why does my business need a managed Microsoft 365 service?

Microsoft 365 has so much to offer that rolling it out can seem quite overwhelming. When you choose Workplace One, we'll start by helping you select the right service. We'll then set up, configure and manage Microsoft 365 in the way that's right for your business. Based on your specific use cases, we'll help you understand how to integrate different apps to work together in the best way. Even if you've already rolled out Microsoft 365, we can integrate your existing cloud apps (Microsoft, Konica Minolta and others) into the Workplace One cloud environment.
And it doesn't stop there. Based on tangible insights we gather about your usage, we can provide you with guidance on additional features and capabilities as your needs change. We can additionally offer consultancy on the optimal solution for your company in terms of its cloud journey.

How does Workplace One secure and protect my data?

Workplace One provides security and protection for your data in a number of ways. 
When you select one of Microsoft's European data centres to host your Microsoft 365 service, you can be sure your data is securely stored in a GDPR-compliant way. 

With the extended KM Portfolio for example Managed Backup service KM provides a fully managed, automated backup and recovery service that protects all your accounts, servers and files — including OneDrive, access to SharePoint through Viva and Microsoft Teams. Your data is backed up from Microsoft 365 to highly available, secure and scalable Konica Minolta cloud data centres in Germany and Sweden, whose ISO 27001 and DIN EN 50600 certifications assure GDPR compliance. Both data centres incorporate multiple security zones, client-specific network isolation, fail-safe emergency power generators, and advanced smoke, fire and heat detection systems.

You can implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) as an additional layer to help prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information. With MFA, your users must present a combination of two or more credentials to verify their identity for login.

Are Microsoft 365 and Office 365 the same?

Microsoft 365 is the current name for Office 365. A cloud-based service, it offers all the familiar Office apps — including Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, SharePoint and OneDrive — as well as additional tools and capabilities that enhance content management, teamworking, collaboration and information-sharing, and enable process digitalisation.


Sustainability facts about Workplace One

Microsoft is working to reduce the environmental impact of its data centres, including those that host Microsoft 365, by working towards stated goals on:

  • By 2025, Microsoft expects to power its data centres with 100% additional, new renewable energy generation that matches its electricity consumption on an annual basis. 
  • By 2030, Microsoft will achieve 90% diversion of operational waste at data centres. Four of its data centres are already zero waste certified: Dublin in Ireland; and San Antonio, Quincy and Boydton in the US. 
  • Data centre cooling operations consume a lot of water. By 2024, Microsoft will reduce water waste in its data centre operations by 95%. 
  • Cement accounts for around 8% of global emissions. Microsoft is reducing how much cement it uses in its data centres by opting for 56-day rather than 28-day cure times. 
In Europe, the Microsoft data centre in Sweden is the most advanced in terms of sustainability features:
  • It uses 100% carbon-free energy. 
  • A 24/7 hourly energy matching is done. 
  • It captures rainwater. 
  • It is cooled with outside air only. 
  • It is one of the first sites to use lower-carbon renewable fuel for backup power — Preem Evolution Diesel Plus. This is the world's first Nordic Eco-labelled diesel and nearly an equivalent reduction in net CO2 emissions compared with standard fossil diesel blends. In general, Microsoft is committed to being diesel free by 2030. 
Workplace One's Managed Backup service is hosted in Konica Minolta cloud data centres in Germany and Sweden, both of which use 100% renewable energy and are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management. In addition, the data centre in Germany uses ambient air cooling up to an outside temperature of 27°C. 



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