Colour Measurement for Skin and Hair

Generating traceable spectral data for the efficacy of soaps, dyes, cosmetics, wound therapy, and more

Colour Measurement for Skin and Hair

Accurate and traceable data for colour of hair and skin allowing development and clinical teams

Achieving accurate colour and colour difference data of products in-situ or the effect of products can help development teams or clinical researchers to test the efficacy of products by gathering traceable data for all manner of hair types, skin types, conditions, and colours. Data derived from measuring products in-situ or of before and after measurements enables personal care product manufacturers to optimise recipes for efficacy and cost, and manufacturers of wound dressings, ointments, creams, and lotions to measure the effect of their product and benchmark against competitors.

Ultimately capturing and applying colour data allows development teams to test products without subjectivity, to benchmark performance with traceable data, and to improve the customer experience of products.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments support customers in developing measurement systems and processes that will assist in implementing a simple yet repeatable measurement process. Operators can benefit from a system that is completely traceable and can operate from a laptop to work either locally or on a cloud-based database securely shared across the organisation. Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments benefit from industry leading inter-instrument agreement meaning that you can scale your studies with multiple instruments and be confident that your data correlates as closely as possible.
Konica Minolta benchtop and portable spectrophotometers offer organisations an easy-to-use solution for accurately measuring the colour of skin, hair, and fur. Many applications will be best utilising the CM-700d connected via Bluetooth to a colour data software. Its vertical alignment makes it simple to position accurately on the sample, whether that be: a measurement on a face before and after cosmetic application, directly on the torso of an animal before and after washing, carded hair samples, or a wound during the course of treatment and healing. The vertical alignment ensures minimal contact with the skin which is an added benefit for delicate skin or for cleaning in between measurements.
The benchtop spectrophotometer CM-36dG has a forward-facing measurement aperture and built-in sample viewfinder camera that can be used not only to accurately target the area being measured, but also to capture for reference with the measurement if needed. Benchtop instruments offer the added benefit of larger measurement areas which for some applications may expedite the measurement process.

The developing field of hyperspectral imaging presents new opportunities for the inspection and documentation processes used by clinicians in examining the impact of treatments on wound healing. The SPECIM IQ allows analysis of a still hyperspectral image to classify tissue at different stages and accurately derive percentages and comparisons that would previously have required more contact, more measurements, and more calculation.


  • Achieve accurate colour
  • Optimise recipes for efficacity and cost
  • Maximise customers' expectation and satisfaction
  • Increase productivity with repeatable measurement processes
  • Shorten the inspection process with accurate and contactless analysis



CM-700d Portable Spectrophotometer

Portable instrument with vertical alignment that allows for precise positioning of measurement aperture and minimal contact to the subject. Measure with a 3mm or 8mm aperture and transfer data via Bluetooth to colour data software.

CM-36dG Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Laboratory grade instrument with built-in sample viewfinder camera for sample presentation alignment. The instrument also includes a built-in glossmeter to provide both colour and gloss data for each sample.

SPECIM IQ Hyperspectral camera

The SPECIM IQ is a portable hyperspectral imaging camera that can be used to measure spectral reflectance over an entire frame enabling analysis, and identification over a larger area. For the health sector, the application benefits from its portability and non-contact measurement. 



Measurement of Hair Dye

By utilising a benhtop instrument such as the CM-36dG and a transmittance measurement kit with Spectramagic NX2 software, development teams can test both liquid dyes and carded hair samples before and after dying. This setup will allow for testing the efficacy of hair dyes, with statistical analysis of colour difference measured over numerous base hair types and colours.

Measurement of Skin Reaction

Utilising a portable instrument like the CM-700d will allow the operator to easily and accurately measure skin before and after treatment, detecting reddening in the skin, or the impact of bronzer or similar products. Using Colour Data software such as Spectramagic NX2, it will be possible to easily organise, store, and analyse measurement data.

Detection of Skin Diagnosis

The SPECIM IQ hyperspectral camera can be used to analyse spectral reflectance over a still image, detecting changes in colour with potential applications in measuring wound or scarring recovery or boundary detection. 

Specim IQ in action

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