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An overview of your company resources is crucial for profitable business. ERP systems are essential for core business processes – from manufacturing to bookkeeping. Konica Minolta’s applications help you to combine all back-end functionalities in one smart solution to increase efficiency and reduce redundancies.

Your back-end system has to deal with a wide variety of inbound information from supply chain management, finance, accounting and much more. Since different departments and employees are involved in these processes, it is crucial that everyone is able to operate on a common basis. Otherwise, redundancies are likely to occur – leading to reduced efficiency and productivity of your company.

Addressing these issues, we deploy an integrated ERP solution to manage your inbound processes and data in a tailor-made application. With all ERP-related functionalities concentrated in one flexible solution, your business planning processes are supported perfectly. The departments involved are able to collaborate seamlessly and align your resources and processes more closely to your overall strategy. At the same time the solution helps you to avoid duplicate orders and other errors so you can concentrate on what’s truly important – your business.

To provide you with the best possible solution, we offer a tailor-made ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Focussing on your specific needs, we ensure, that the solution exactly fits your requirements to boost your digital business processes across departments.

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