Patient procedures

Improve efficiency

Create efficient workflows for patient procedures

The proliferation of electronic documentation alongside paper-based systems, with their different input and output requirements can prove a major obstacle to efficiency. Automation through digitisation realises substantial cost savings. For example, automating blood test processes eliminates time-consuming, costly and error-prone aspects of traditional blood test workflows. Similarly, the use of traditional hard-copy (printed or handwritten) prescriptions is far less efficient than an e-prescription solution.

Benefits of automated patient procedures:

  • Automated blood test processes:
    • Test results sent to HIS electronically
    • Results become available to authorised personnel immediately
    • Data automatically added to patient’s file
    • Guaranteed compliance with privacy regulations

  • E-prescriptions:
    • Greater efficiency
    • Reduced risk of errors regarding medication
    • Medication can be provided more quickly
    • Information available to all care providers
    • Guaranteed compliance with privacy regulations