Colibri® Platform

Colibri® is a digital colour data software platform, scalable from one site to a global supply chain. Our expert team can help organisations to securely and efficiently centralise the functions of the colour supply chain.

  • Specification of brand colours
  • Customization, communication, and global QC of colour standards
  • Colour management for the entire value chain
  • Colour measurement for the entire colour supply chain
  • Expert application and software support
  • Accelerated creation of quality products
  • Connection with enterprise resource planning tools and other third-party software products

One software platform for the global colour supply chain


Organisations can derive significant efficiencies, boost productivity and dramatically reduce waste by integrating digital colour data management into the colour supply chain.

Supported by an experienced team, Colibri® allows organisations to centralise the functions of the colour supply chain: specify feasible colours, define standards, accurately match colours, maintain and securely share colour databases and centralise colour QC.
Colibri® is supported by an experienced team that can assist you in installing, optimising maintaining and supporting you in maximising the value of the system. 

Discover how Colibri® can be the optimal solution for your specific application


Whether simply sharing a single QC system or implementing a secure system for centralising the specification, and colour recipes for global production, our team has experience of delivering solutions that streamline the colour production process.

Colibri® is suitable for single-client and small businesses as well as for large global enterprise installation. Utilising the latest in information technology, it can be hosted in the cloud or in your own network environment. 

An installation if the Colibri® platform can start as a single module such as ColorQuality providing a hosted QC system. When your business needs to develop, your local support representative can help you to add additional modules and update your processes. 
  • ColorSpec – for the specification of brand colours and standards.
  • ColorMatch – for colour matching and prediction of colour and opacity in different applications and on a variety of substrates.
  • ColorQuality – for monitoring, certification, and final approval of coloured products.
  • ColorTint – for both manual and automatic dispensing of colour recipes in lab, production or at the POS.

You can learn more about the individual modules in the Modules section below.

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Konica Minolta Sensing is a distributor of matchmycolor LLC for software and services. Colibri® is a registered trademark of matchmycolor LLC; Microsoft®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and Windows® 10 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.




  Colibri® ColorSpec enables creative and prepress designers, brand owners, manufacturers, and material producers to use real colours in their artwork. Users can define colour standards, dependent standards, and related tolerances for their products, and communicate these brands, designs and standards to their suppliers.
  • Management of brand colours and designs
  • Mark-up of designs for accurate and consistent colour monitoring
  • Definition, standardization and referencing of shades
  • Store historical data of colour standards
  • Improved communication between brand owners, manufacturers, and their suppliers
  • Increased cooperation between supply chain participants
  • Seamless transfer of colour standards, catalogues, and substrates to third-party software

Colibri® ColorSpec helps you manage your entire colour pallet, from colour standard specification to development and digital compliance criteria and ultimately, individual supplier review.  

Management of brands and designs

Colour feasibility check at design stage

Additional options

Color Plugin
Developed for use with Adobe Illustrator® design software, this Add-on allows creative and prepress designers to connect to the Colibri® central database and select approved brand colours as well as real colour standards based on spectral colour data for use in their artworks. Designers have the option of working offline but need to re-connect to Colibri® to ascertain colour data approval status.

Color Feasibility
Predict colour feasibility and consistency across a variety of technologies, applications and substrates in an early stage of the colour specification. This tool is based on real colorant data, but has been developed with user-friendly templates to simplify the process of colour feasibility right at the start of the development process.



Colibri ColorMatch Colormanagement   Colibri® ColorMatch is efficient, powerful, and easy to use. Using a proprietary algorithm ensures accurate matching of colour and opacity on opaque, translucent, and transparent materials as well as metallic effects while reducing the number of correction steps. Users can easily switch between several base materials helping to save time and resources in all stages of the matching process.
  • User-friendly, intuitive, and seamless interface
  • Highly efficient matching of opaque, translucent, and transparent colours
  • Recipe calculation on different substrates
  • Vary base material as required, using only one colorant library
  • Simplifies the use of leftover materials, reducing waste and costs
  • Customisation of functionality and feature settings to match your application and workflow
  • Integrated “Expert System”, allowing pigment pre-selection based on application requirements to simplify use of parameters such as light fastness or other criteria.
  • One standard recipe to calculate every possible colour recipe combination
  • Automatic database update with every change in colour strength, compensate easily for colour fluctuations in base materials
  • User management, access rights and permissions management using existing enterprise IT management tools
  • Compatibility with all Konica Minolta as well as the majority of other brand spectrophotometers


Additional options:

Batch Recipe Calculator
Calculates and stores “the best recipe” for specified colour data files or entire colour catalogues using pre-defined matching templates in a predefined order. This Add-on is essential for recipe creation for POS applications.

It also allows users to replace components in master recipes systematically and to check the quality of the updated recipes prior to the final replacement.

3D Color Gamut Viewer
View colour recipes, catalogues, and standard collections in CIELAB colour space. The viewer displays true colour hulls and colour points allowing users to follow the colour travel of effect pigments, to identify and reduce the number of similar products in a range as well as to spot the gaps in the colour space.

Quality Control
Add-on for Quality Control with similar features as Module Colibri® ColorQuality.

Add-on for dispensing with similar features as Module Colibri® ColorTint.

Result table of colour matching process

Optical data analysis of a colourant




Colibri® ColorQuality enables manufacturers and suppliers to manage and control production. The “Job” function helps to organize quality control tasks, no matter of application or requirement. User creation of job displays and job reports, in order to meet reporting requirements.

  • Improved colour communication between management, production, and partners
  • Increased cooperation between supply chain participants
  • Fast assessment of the conformity of production to a standard under different illuminants
  • Visual display of limits on screen
  • Availability of the most common pass / fail criteria, including delta E (CIE Lab), CIE 94, CMC, FMC-2 and Hunter Lab
  • Chart mode enables to see at a glance where and how deviations affect the colour
  • Template function for optimising the workflow of end users
  • Selection of colour strength methods, help to determine the quality and consistency of production batches
  • Compatibility with multi-angle measurement devices, improves control over the quality of effect shades


3-D display of colour gamut
Result table and graphics of colour QC job

Additional options

3D Color Gamut Viewer
The viewer plots colour recipes, catalogues, and standard collections in the CIELAB colour space. It displays true colour hulls and colour points so that the user can follow the colour travel of effect pigments, to identify and reduce the number of similar products in a range as well as to spot gaps in the colour space.



Colibri® ColorTint is designed to control the dispensing of colour products (new orders and batch additions) on tinting machines. ColorTint helps to produce the quality expected in different can sizes and with different pre-fillings. Connections to various tinting machines are available. 


  • Fast access to recipes developed from colour standards and colour catalogues
  • Accurate recipe transfer to dispensing machines improves quality of production
  • Simple workflows and automatic communication with your dispensing machine help to reduce time-to-supply
  • Customization to filling conditions gives you the flexibility to supply to order
  • Easy connection to large enterprise networks facilitates scale up to production

Colibri Brochure

Learn about the Colibri platform and the benefits of digital colour data management for organisations whether small or global.


The perfect match for recycled material

Colibri® can help plastics manufacturers significantly reduce waste and boost environmental credentials by facilitating the integration of recycled plastics using minimal additional material characterisations.


Colibri® for Plastic Waste

This handout details the potential benefits of using Colibri® to assist plastics manufacturers cost effectively integrate recycled polymers without sacrificing colour accuracy.


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