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The modern business environment often demands that we act on-the-spot in the face of serious issues, flaws in documentation or delays. Laptops and mobile devices connected to wireless internet have made communication and task management far easier, fortunately, and this mobility and flexibility has spread to other areas of business. Konica Minolta Mobile Printing means you can do far more than simply download a missing file in your documentation; it lets you connect to the chosen MFP instantaneously, until you have the hard copy in your hands moments later.
Konica Minolta mobile printing comes in a free app available at your fingertips. It lets you send print jobs and scan documents remotely, in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry about having to know how to use a complex interface: the app is clear and easy to follow, even when you’re in a hurry and multitasking. Konica Minolta Mobile Printing is a perfect solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes – from small firms with a single printer, to international enterprises with a worldwide presence.


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