Marketing automation for print companies

Create a new relationship with campaign management

Multi Channel Marketing, as a service

Increase print volume and frequency by introducing cross media campaign management to your customers. Create a new revenue stream and diversify your business from the competition.

As a print provider you’re always looking for ways to add value to your customers so they keep coming back to you for their print requirements. Helping your customers with their marketing is a great way to do that. It drives more print to you, increasing business and means you are more integrated into that customers day to day operation. 

Offering your customers access to a marketing automation tool allows companies to edit pre-defined campaigns that deliver multi channel marketing to their customers. Campaigns can be managed by the end customer, or by you, their print company. You could even offer a complete package of online and print-based campaigns including all related services like design, deployment and controlling. 

Introducing Markomi as a service for Print Professionals

Campaign Management offers an opportunity for print companies to sell new services and increase the number of print jobs delivered to their customers. This in turn, leads to longer-term relationships that are not purely based on being able to offer the best price.

A guide for Print companies that want to sell Campaign Management to their customers.

Marketing Automation for Print Companies

Download our guide to learn more about the benefits of offering campaign management to your customers, with our low risk, easy to use platform.


Markomi for Print Professionals

Discover how Markomi can benefit you and your customers. Add a new revenue stream to your business and change the conversation with your clients.

Campaign Management Made Easy - Markomi is easy to get started with, is available via pay-per-use and is a low risk, cross-media platform you can use to attract and engage your customer base via print and digital based marketing, all in one platform.

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