Access your documents, without the paper

Our solution starts where other digital form solutions stop

Initiate document workflow from your mobile device

Using an e-form on a mobile device, your employees will be able to capture data and information in the field. Forms can be sent back to the home office as soon as a connection is available. Once the information is received, automated processes like confirmation emails or billing system updates are triggered. The automation possibilities are endless.

Free yourself of pre-defined templates

Our customisable design gives you the flexibility to format your way. Use data from your system to design your own HTML documents free of pre-set constraints, and distribute them to people in the field. What's more, it's possible to brand everything to your corporate image, including the mobile application.

Host your own information

With Capture OnTheGo, your data is not stored in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about a third party hosting sensitive information. It works within any environment because you can mold it to your own business processes, not the other way around.

Say Hello to Capture OnTheGo

Capture OnTheGo brings you a better way to manage your remote transactions by taking PlanetPress’ workflow automation straight to your mobile phone or tablet so that you can access, edit and share your documents from anywhere.

Features that distinguish Capture OnTheGo from the competition

Full process automation

Automate your processes, such as invoicing or real time system updates. Processes are triggered when data is captured on forms and sent back to the home office, accelerating your transactions and increasing workforce productivity.

No lag time

Because there is no need to wait until the end of the day to get your completed forms – and there is no more manual keying in of information – reliable and accurate records are created, reducing errors and streamlining your transactions.

No pre-defined templates

Have the freedom to design your forms as you wish. With the flexibility to format without pre-set constraints, you can create customised designs that fit your business needs.

Offline mode

Don't let a bad connection slow you down. Submitted documents are automatically queued and sent as soon as your connection returns.

Information is stored on premises

Avoid having to share information in your database with third parties. This way you can be certain access is controlled and your information is secure.

Your own branding

Replicate your image and create personalised documents that represent your organisation. Showcase your brand and make the app look like it's yours.

Capture OnTheGo in Action

Bring digital speed and accuracy to paper processes with Capture OnTheGo




Access all your documents remotely, with or without an Internet connection

Forms can be queued

The application automatically queues forms that need to be sent so that whenever the connection comes back, they're synced right away.

No connection

Downloaded forms can be used when your device is not connected. Changes will be synced when the device is back online.


Capture data using multi-media content from your phone or tablet


Validation on input fields can be performed even when the user is offline.


Add pictures and geolocation information to forms you send to the system.


Capture OnTheGo is perfect when you require a signature.


Share your documents and accelerate interactions at the touch of a button

Documents and forms

Users only see what they're supposed to.

Sort actions

Search or sort documents by client name or document category.

Repository & Downloading

Documents and forms available for download are always stored in your repository.