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When business process handling becomes a social burden

Social organisations face the issue of capacity prioritisation in their daily tasks. The specialists who take care of people see themselves confronted with an increasing number of organisational tasks that put an additional workload burden on them. Increasing amounts data and growing numbers of people in need of care combined with a shortage of nursing staff lead to dramatic tensions in working conditions. This can also have a very negative influence on the portion of their workday that they are able to dedicate to the people they care for.

Following your priorities to help you deliver the best care possible

With its for.CARE solutions, Konica Minolta provides a system that is tailored to exactly fit the needs of the experts working in social organisations and their daily routine tasks. Individual solutions are key, especially in the fields of integration support, day care centres, stationary geriatric care and sheltered workshops, as most institutions have their very individual needs and therefore need personalised processes to tackle them efficiently.


Free your capacities for the people you care for

Konica Minolta’s overall goal to deliver solutions for the present and future challenges of society is rooted deeply within their for.CARE solutions. These solutions are developed in cooperations with nursing and care staff in the organisations to obtain the true essence of their occupations. Konica Minolta also sees this solution as constantly evolving as new modules are regularly added to the tool set to ensure that all necessary tasks can be supported through the system. for.CARE aims to provide a perfect environment to organise processes and resources optimally. Information can be captured and worked on centrally at any time and from anywhere no matter if it is on a PC, mobile device or tablet. A system like this not only saves a lot of time but also enables all employees with the right authorisation to always have access to the latest versions of all documents.

for.CARE can be tailored to each different requirement from all departments of your social organisation. The system is designed in a modular way to be able to grow with your organisation and tasks. The solutions selected adapt to the processes within your organisation and not vice versa. It helps to retain your very own care philosophy that has been proven to work for you. For Konica Minolta it is especially important that you are able to keep the individual character that defines your organisation.

With its for.CARE solutions, Konica Minolta pursues the ultimate goal of streamlining internal processes and relieving the burden of repetitive routine organisational and administrative tasks. The solution effectively connects financial management and accounting with planning and documentation requirements. Here you can decide which of the modules best suits your application purposes.

Your advantages

Your advantages
  • for.CARE deploys individualised care solutions – uniting mobile documentation, individualised care planning, transparency and time management with an intuitive user experience
  • Support in all your personalised and unique daily routine tasks to minimise organisational effort
  • Additional smart functionalities include important information always available, simple meeting and calendar synchronisation and report creation with a single click

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