Greater automation, greater efficiency

Greater automation, greater efficiency

Greater automation, greater efficiency

BENS PP Spool software improves efficiency for ODAV customers. ODAV AG has operated successfully in the information and telecommunications industry for over 50 years. As a comprehensive technology partner, the Straubingbased company supports tradespeople and their organisations with high-quality software solutions and IT services.

ODAV AG's many decades of expertise in the specific sphere in which trade organisations work sets the company apart as a reliable IT service provider. From offering tailor-made software and ensuring secure, high-performance processing in the data centre through to managing logistics for printing and shipping, ODAV AG helps its customers with all their key business processes from A to Z.

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The excellent sorting functions and the clear layout of the BENS software interface make our daily work with different print jobs easier. The duplex function in particular has greatly improved the performance of our printing systems.

Tobias Wallner

Printing and Shipping, ODAV AG

ODAV AG saves money with BENS PP Spool


Founded in 1969, ODAV AG has developed numerous modern software solutions and innovative apps for the German market over the past five decades, and has become an IT service provider and full-service provider with pioneering technologies and platforms.

The ODAV product range comprises over 80 applications, ranging from administration, training and finance to human resources, marketing and digitalisation — covering everything that trade corporations require their software to do.

ODAV is recognised as a leading innovator for organisations in the trade sector and its solutions, e-government applications, web applications and client/server technologies are gradually being conflated into complex, state-of-the-art solutions that are increasingly changing and shaping modern working.

Online modules provide an effective basis for working practices. The continuous development of ODAV's software portfolio is increasingly digitalising administrative processes and offers ODAV customers strategic added value.

The ODAV printing centre has three Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6136 black-and-white production printers and one Konica Minolta AccurioPress C3080 colour printer. It prints a total volume of over 10 million pages a year.

The entire data preparation process is carried out via various output management systems before a finished PCL file is fed into the BENS PP print pool. BENS generates a PDF preview, a preview of the number of pages and an analysis of the file that can be toggled between simplex and duplex to see whether pure duplex printing would be more efficient. It then configures the settings accordingly. Control of the trays can be configured individually on the BENS server too.

Previously, automation in conjunction with other printing systems and other print servers was somewhat limited. BENS enables ODAV AG to change the tray controls with greater flexibility, generate a PDF preview and generate information from its database-based ticket system as a cover sheet. Furthermore, a filter system makes it possible for ODAV AG's printing and shipping staff to customise print jobs.


Automation saves ODAV AG employees' time

For example, the PDFs are checked for various triggers in advance to enable selected data from the in-house Oracle database to be output as a cover sheet for the print job. This makes it considerably easier for employees to assign documents to customers and dispatch them for posting as they no longer have to search for the job and the corresponding data for the print jobs again at their workstations.

ODAV AG worked closely with Konica Minolta and Suchy MIPS to implement an automation solution that has saved the company a significant amount of time by increasing its printing capacity, which allows more jobs to be processed each day and enables full customisation.

Oliver Mühlbauer, Division Manager of the ODAV Data Centre, said: "For example, customised workflows are now automatically provided with finishing options (stapling, duplex printing and tray control) by detecting triggers in the data streams, thus eliminating the need for further manual reworking by the operator. Our requirements are specific and high, but they have always been met to our satisfaction. The BENS PP Spool software is a real success story, which we achieved by working very closely with Konica Minolta and Suchy MIPS."



  • Greater personalisation and faster job processing with seamless production
  • Customised workflows to eliminate further manual reworking
  • Automation to increase print capacity and daily job volume
  • Duplex function to significantly improve the printing system's performance
  • Boost user engagement
  • Expand the portfolio and increase turnover by selling high-quality services


  • Make it easier for operators to handle large volumes of data
  • Make print production more efficient in order to increase output
  • Improve workflows to enable large volumes to be processed more quickly


  • Create a comprehensive toolbox workflow with complete data preparation
  • Introduce BENS PP Spool software to improve automation
  • Develop a tailor-made solution by Suchy MIPS in close collaboration with the customer and Konica Minolta